Easy SV

RapidReach designers and support engineers are constantly talking to customers from a wide variety of organisations and busineses to learn the most effective strategies for Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. Over and over we hear that when the chips are down, they want to use tools that are uncluttered and logical – like RapidReach. This is what we suggest you consider if you want a simple to use notification solution:

3-Click Activation

When an emergency happens you need to react quickly. RapidReach will enable you to start a call-out in seconds. Even if you’ve not used the system in months you will be instantly familiar and comfortable with it – even under stress. And with our own dedicated communications infrastructure you can trust that it will work when you need it to.

Complete setup in 1 hour

With a spreadsheet upload of your user contact information taking just seconds RapidReach is the simplest and fastest system to setup. We can even automate much of the updating process so you can get on with more pressing work.

Clean and logical user interface

RapidReach designers spend a lot of time talking with Business Continuity and Emergency Planning practitioners to understand how the system would be used in practice. The interface is set out to be uncluttered and logical so you cannot get confused when the chips are down.

Infrequent but critical use

When an emergency happens, you don’t want or need complexity to get in your way. The situation is stressful enough without the process of activation adding to it. With our long history in the marketplace we understand that simplicity is paramount.

RapidReach was designed to be instantly usable, even if you’ve not logged in for 6 months.

Activate by phone

Internet and power down? With RapidReach, we remember that the old days sometimes can be good! Activate your call out by placing a call from any phone. What a novel idea!

Fitware or Fatware

A feature that doesn’t add value is a distraction at best, at worst another chance to make a mistake. Why waste time learning about features you don’t intend to use? A well designed system shouldn’t feel strange and new – it should feel familiar from the start.

In an emergency, simple and effective beats complex and bloated every time. We work hard to create a solution in RapidReach that is flexible enough to allow you to create the types of notifications you use, but without bothering you with settings and features you don’t use. Your setup can be as simple as it needs to be to get the job done.